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1. Image Analysis & Makeover Consultation- evaluate your personality and lifestyle, Giving feedback on overall image to help develop a new image that accentuates your personality and lifestyle. Reviewing bits and pieces of your current wardrobe that need to be heightened, finding brands that are designed for you, finding certain style of clothing that flatters your body, learning how to accessorize for your particular style and learning the easy ways to put outfits together.

2. Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Stylist- We prepare outfits and dress you  for photo shoots, events, dates, Weddings, job interviews, a night out, Proms, Quinceaneras, Sweet 16's, Music Videos, Band Tours, and more....

3. Personal Shopper- We will shadow you to clothing stores giving my input on what you should be buying; what looks good on you; What shoes will go with your outfit… what accessories …etc.

4.. Closet organizing- Organize your closet by season and colors, discard items that don’t work, Focus on key pieces like basics that can be used anytime of the season or for fashion trends to come, and coordinate outfits in your closet for you.

5. Makeup Consultations - Try our makeup how to sessions/lessons. We Evaluate skin type and select a care regimen, choose a makeup palette that compliments your hair color, skin tone, and clothing style. Select the right eyebrow shape for you face. Minimize facial imperfections, help you learn makeup for everyday use and for events, teach you 6 minute makeup.

6. Makeup Applications- Our artists apply makeup for photo shoots, events, and more. We can do everything from natural to bridal to runway.

7. Hair Analysis- deciding what color that accentuates your skin tone; select a cut that best suits your face frame, personality, and lifestyle; Discuss easy ways to style your hair on your own.


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Fashionista a' La Mode is about everything to do with fashion, photography, and makeup. We do fashion consultanting, makeup artists, and photography here in Corpus Christi, Texas. We love helping women, models and our ultimate goal is to inspire Corpus Christi to grow in the Fashion World. We want women to not only understand fashion and makeup but to practice and become familiarized with fashion in their everyday lives. We love to beautify women.  

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